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Suggested Sports Fiction by Grade Level


Find great sports-themed titles here about everything from football to hockey to horseback riding. Grade levels are suggested, but remember that each Reader is different, and might find something interesting at another level. Under each grade is a link for even more titles.


The Berenstain Bears enjoy playing soccer on a sunny afternoon, but when Mama gets too involved, the cubs take it upon themselves to remind her what the sport is really all about.

It's Gracie's first time at the Pig Jubilee with her synchronized swimming team, the Water Sprites, and she is the youngest pig with a chance to win a gold medal--the trouble is that she keeps getting distracted and missing her solo part, a triple spin dive.

She's got this by Laurie Hernandez

When Zoe sees a gymnast competing on television, she wants to start gymnastics, but learns that becoming a star is harder than she thought.

Teamwork trouble by Dan Gutman

Ryan wants to form a curling team at school with A.J. and Andrea, but soon trouble amongst his teammates threatens to end their season early.

Pete the Cat is ready to play baseball! Pete's team, the Rocks, is playing the Rolls. But when the game doesn't go Pete's way, what will Pete do?

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First Grade

Flat Stanley at bat by Lori Haskins

Flat Stanley excels at baseball, but when the fairness of his skills are questioned, Stanley must decide whether his flatness gives him too much of an advantage.

Although he is shorter than most of his classmates and everyone discourages him from trying out for the basketball team, eight-year-old Chris just works harder than everyone else so his size will not matter.

Kick, pass, and run by Leonard P. Kessler

After observing a boy's football game, a group of animals organizes its own teams and game.

Monster games by Melissa Lagonegro

The characters from "Monsters University" compete in the Monster Games.

Pass the ball, Mo! by David A Adler

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Second Grade

While everyone in Fairyland is getting ready for the Fairy Olympics, Jack Frost's goblins steal the Sports Fairies' magic objects, and Rachel and Kristy must play the goblins' Mean Green Basketball Team to win back Brittany's magic ball.

Geronimo Stilton is not a sportsmouse. Running? Sweating? Not for him.  But when he is assigned to report on the Olympics in Greece, he suspects a mysterious adventure in the making!

As Valentine's Day approaches, the students in Room 2B are preoccupied with kickball and a possible wedding between Horrible Harry and Song Lee.

Hour of the Olympics by Mary Pope Osborne

Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back to retrieve a lost story in ancient Greece, where they witness the original Olympic games and are surprised to find what girls of the time were not allowed to do.

Owen Foote, soccer star by Stephanie Greene

When eight-year-old Owen and his best friend Joseph join a neighborhood soccer league, they not only face a test of their game skills but also of their friendship.

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Third Grade

Addy's big splash by Elizabeth () Gordon

Addy has never been good at sports. She's so clumsy, she's earned the name Hurricane Addy. But this year, all of that is going to change. Addy wants to join the swim team at the Club. She's surprised to learn how much exercise and training it takes to become a strong swimmer. Does Addy have what it takes to be the athlete she always dreamed of becoming?

Jinxed! by Kurtis Scaletta

Chad is thrilled to be a batboy for the Pine City Porcupines, even though the team is not doing well, his fellow batboy is less than thrilled about the job, and his favorite player seems to be jinxed.

Quarterback sneak by Jake Maddox

Anton loves playing football until Malik, the talented quarterback, starts acting strange. Instead of working with the team, Malik is just showing off, and the team is starting to lose. Anton thinks it has something to do with the tall guy in sunglasses who keeps showing up to their games. But who is he, and why does Malik care what he thinks? Anton has to fix the problem fast, before the quarterback ruins everything!

Softball surprise by Jake Maddox

Jo is disappointed when she is not placed on the Red Angels in the summer softball league -- but when she is offered the chance to switch teams, Jo has to decide if she will leave her friends and play for the "winning" team -- or win with the Sonics.

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Fourth Grade

The ball hogs by Rich Wallace

Nine-year-old Ben, a natural athlete and member of the Bobcats co-ed soccer team, wants to overcome his inexperience and prove himself on the field, but his obnoxious teammate, Mark, keeps hogging the ball.

Edward "Egg" Garrison and his friends are on a field trip to watch the local minor league baseball team, but a theft at the concession stand is delaying the game, so the four sixth-grade detectives decide to investigate.

Hit & miss by Derek Jeter

Young Derek Jeter's friendship with a new student puts him at odds with his friends and seems to be hurting his baseball swing, plus he gets in trouble for confronting a student who is bullying his sister, in violation of the contract with his parents.

When the school cuts the basketball team due to lack of funding, Cam, Tyler, and Markus organize their own team.

George's magic burps threaten to ruin not only his team's chances of winning a class field day, but also his audition to be the fourth-grade sports reporter for his school's new closed-circuit television station.

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Fifth Grade

Breakaway by Andrea Montalbano

When seventh-grade soccer star LJ befriends Tabitha, who could not be more different from her, LJ learns to curb her competitive nature, which has been slowly alienating her friends.

Sixth-grader Ronald "Cheesie" Mack, finds the best way to earn points against his older sister is to become popular, so he decides to join the cross-country team, help his best friend run for class president, and ignore his sister's attempts to embarrass him.

Game changers by Mike Lupica

When the coach's son, Shawn O'Brien, is chosen to play quarterback, eleven-year-old Ben McBain is not surprised, but when he tries to be a good teammate and help the inconsistent Shawn, he is startled to learn that his new friend does not really want the position.

Kickoff! by Tiki Barber

Tiki and Ronde Barber tryout for the Hidden Valley Eagles football team when they enter junior high.

Team awkward by Katy Birchall

Painfully shy Anna searches for a way to distinguish herself only to be humiliated by a video of her at a clumsy moment that goes viral, a situation that compels her to limber up in preparation for sports day at school.

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Sixth Grade

Owen wins the last spot at the local basketball camp, leaving his twin Russ to join the "Multi-Sport Sampler" camp, but while Russ is inspired to study various sports and make sense of them, Owen is frustrated by not being the star.

Basketball (or something like it) by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Hank, Nathan, Jeremy, and Anabel deal with the realities of middle school basketball, including family pressure, a series of coaches with very different personalities and agendas, and what it means to be a team and a friend.

Lucky enough by Fred Bowen

Thirteen-year-old Trey, sure his lucky charm got him onto the Ravens thirteen-year-old travel baseball team, becomes increasingly superstitious and, when he loses the charm, he loses confidence, as well.

Rebound by Kwame Alexander

In the summer of 1988, twelve-year-old Chuck Bell is sent to stay with his grandparents, where he discovers jazz and basketball and learns more about his family's past.

Vanishing act by John Feinstein

Eighth-grade sports reporters Susan Carol and Stevie reunite at the U.S. Open tennis championships where they investigate the mysterious disappearance of a top Russian player.

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