A Canton Public Library card is required to access our library of streaming movies, music, ebooks, and magazines.

OverDrive (Libby app)

Check Out e-books, e-audiobooks and magazines a help icon

E-books, e-audiobooks and magazines can be borrowed for up to 21 days, and will be returned automatically after the due date. All you need is your CPL card to check out and put items on hold. You can read or download them on your computer and a wide variety of devices.

Checkout limit: 10



Check Out popular movies, music, e-books, e-comics and e-audiobooks a help icon

Stream movies, music, books and audiobooks with your Canton Public Library card. You can download the free hoopla digital mobile app on your Android or iOS device or visit hoopla to begin enjoying thousands of titles from major Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers. They are available to borrow for instant streaming or temporary downloading to your smartphone, tablet and computer, and can even be sent to your car stereo or television using a bluetooth connection, ChromeCast, Apple TV or other technology. 

Checkout limit: 20 per month


Check Out popular movies and television a help icon

Stream the most acclaimed movies and documentaries from award-winning filmmakers, and experience the best in independent, classic film, and world cinema with your Canton Public Library card. More than 30,000 films are available to stream to your computer or device by downloading the Kanopy app for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, AppleTV, Chromecast or Roku.

Checkout limit: 5 per month

Alexander Street Press

Check Out a variety of music, both popular and rare

Search and stream music on your computer. Find tracks both popular and rare. Dig into the roots of America’s musical history, or explore classical compositions from across the world. Alexander Street Press includes:

EBSCOhost E-book Collection

Read Online e-books a help icon

Instead of downloading, simply view books on your computer. There is no checkout, thus no due dates. A title is available to you as long as you are actively viewing it. 

Gale eBooks

Read Online reference, career, test preparation and travel e-books a help icon

Instead of downloading, simply view reference books on your computer. A title is available to you as long as you are actively viewing it. Use your CPL card number to access.