Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Week 3

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Welcome back! For the third week of our Halloween horror movie marathon we're going to tackle a number stand out films in horror's various sub-genres.  We've got movies with some incredible and gross special effects, fast running zombies, gaslighting cults, a horror comedy about one of the worst wedding nights ever, a double feature of Steven King adaptations, and an incredibly creepy Roald Dahl adaptation.

Monday, October 12- Train to Busan (2016)

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In the  early 2000s, a new breed of zombie began to emerge. They were just as tenacious and tough as the type George Romero introduced back in 1968, but they were incredibly quick. This 2016 film from South Korea is the ultimate take on the fast moving zombie. Once it gets going it moves with the same velocity as its titular vehicle.

Train to Busan follows a divorced father, his young daughter, and the various passengers they meet as they try to survive and stay ahead of hordes of fast zombies laying siege to trains and train stations. The action is especially engaging and intense because of how easy it is to emotionally invest in the film's main characters. Plus, like the best zombie films the undead aren't the only antagonistic force. Some of the most dangerous things the main characters run afoul of are their fellow passengers 

Tuesday, October 13th- The Thing (1982)

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This John Carpenter film is a classic for a number of reasons. It features great performances from Kurt Russell, Keith David (In his film debut), and Wilfred Brimley. It's also a scary, and paranoid story about a shape changing, alien monster that's preying on the crew of an arctic research station. It's biggest reason though? The insane, gross, and incredibly fun visual effects that have to be seen to be believed! All of those effects are practical too. None of them were done with computers or digital trickery, and they still hold up almost 40 years later.


Wednesday, October 14th- An American Werewolf In London (1981)


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This film is another example of the stunning work that was done in practical visual effects in the horror films of the 1980s.The transformation process the main character (David Naughton) undergoes when he shifts from human to his wolf form is astounding. You feel the pain of a person's whose body shape is being twisted and contorted. The film also features some terrifying nightmare sequences, and an undead and decaying supporting character. It's also a movie with plenty of heart and humor courtesy of writer/director John Landis. 


Thursday, October 15- Rosemary's Baby (1968)

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In this film, a young woman and her husband, who are looking to start a family, move into a prestigious New York City apartment building. Shortly after that, the woman becomes pregnant and finds herself trapped in a rapidly, escalating waking nightmare with no one left to trust. The result is a film that's terrifying because of both its supernatural elements, and the way its female main character is treated by society.


Friday, October 16th- Ready or Not (2019)



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This week's horror comedy is another violent, twisted, and very funny film starring Samara Weaving. She plays a woman who marries into a wealthy family and after the ceremony learns there's one thing she has to do before her new family welcome her with opens arms; win an all-night game of hide and seek in the family estate.In order to do that, she'll have to use her wits and various weapons to fend off her murderous in-laws


Saturday, October 17th- The Shining (1980) & Doctor Sleep (2019)


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Today's double feature is a look at two masterful film adaptations of the work of legendary horror novelist, Stephen King. Both are done by writer/directors at the top of their game. In The Shining, Stanley Kubrick created one of the best horror movies of all time, but it's also a work that differed so much from the source material that it angered King. In Doctor Sleep, writer/director Mike Flanagan was given the Herculean task of creating a film that serves as a sequel to Kubrick's and brings that story in line with King's original vision, while also telling a new story. He succeeded with flying colors. Both films are fantastic, and watching The Shining right before Doctor Sleep will heighten your enjoyment of Flanagan's film. You'll catch a number of Easter egg style homages to Kubrick's classic.

Sunday, October 18th- The Witches (1990)

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Our past two spooky all-ages entries have been a build up to this fun, but very scary adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic about a nine year old boy trying to foil the machinations of scheming witches out to turn England's children into mice. It's an exciting, funny, and downright creepy film. The scene where the witches reveal their true, hideous forms is both unsettling and incredible. Plus, Angelica Houston is fantastic as the Grand High Witch.