Backyard Camp Out

Brown dome tent lit up from the inside, sits in the dark by trees

Bring the camping experience to you with a backyard camp out! Below are ideas for all ages and abilities.

Outdoor Camping

Enjoy summer weather with a backyard camping experience. Use the ideas below to turn your home into the ultimate camping destination. 

  • Pick a spot in your backyard to set up your campsite. You can use a tent, camper, or even your car. Check out this Camping Booklist for more ideas.
  • Make your campsite comfortable. Set up a sleeping area with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and sleeping cots. If you are using your car, adjust the seats and cover with blankets so you can lay down comfortably. Keep in mind, it will get cold once the sun goes down so be sure bring extra sweaters and blankets. 
  • Upgrade your campsite with a campfire! Gather firewood, kindling, and a lighter to create a wood burning campfire. Make sure you practice fire safety. Another option is to set up your gas fire pit within a safe distance from your sleeping area. 
  • Cook campfire food! Try cooking S'mores, Hot Dogs, and more over the fire. Check out this Outdoor Cooking list for recipe ideas.
  • Sing camp songs or make up your own while sitting around the campfire. Here are some fun Camp Songs to get you started.
  • Tell scary stories around the campfire or by flashlight. Try one of these Electronic Scary Stories for all ages. 
  • Take a photo of your outdoor camping experience and share it with us by using the #howdoyou62 hashtag. 


Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Indoor Camping

Camping doesn't always have to be outside! Create your own campsite experience indoors with the following suggestions. 

  • Set up your "campsite" somewhere inside your home. Pop up a tent or create a blanket fort out of blankets and pillows. Check out these IKEA fort ideas. 
  • Upgrade your campsite with lighting. Use flashlights to tell stories or make hand puppets. Create designs using string lights. Or light candles for a romantic date night (while practicing fire safety).
  • Prepare snacks to eat in your campsite. Make popcorn, trail mix, or fruit slices.  
  • Share stories in your campsite. Take turns making up stories, read or listen to camping stories from your device, or share jokes. 
  • Watch a movie in your campsite. Set up your campsite so you can see the TV, use a projector, or watch on a portable device. The movie could be a family film, a date night romance, or Horror movie
  • Take a photo of your indoor camping experience and share it with us by using the #howdoyou62 hashtag. 

Me Time

Need a quiet place to escape to? Create a campsite just for you! Pick a place that is now "Off Limits" to the other members of your home. Gather items of comfort and things that make you happy. Place them inside your campsite. Once your campsite is set up it is time for some quality alone time. You can read a book, listen to music, complete a crossword puzzle, start a craft project, play a video game, or just breathe. This would also be a great place to engage in mindfulness activities or practice kindness towards yourself. 




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