International Day of Friendship

The United Nations designated July 30th the International Day of Friendship starting in 2011.  This day is meant to foster friendships and solidarity between individuals around the world in order to address the root causes of human suffering, such as war, poverty, and disease.  According to the UN, building friendships creates trust and can help create peace and social harmony among people of the world.  Check out some classic children's books and DVDs about the value of friendship in all forms.

A selection of cartoons from the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes," in which Calvin goes to the beach, watches a sunset with his father, and seeks revenge on his baby-sitter.  Hobbes the stuffed tiger is Calvin's best friend, with whom he shares in many adventures.

Five tales recounting the adventures of two best friends - Frog and Toad.

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

Ten-year-old India Opal Buloni describes her first summer in the town of Naomi, Florida, and all the good things that happen to her because of her big ugly dog Winn-Dixie.  This book is about friendships not only with humans but with special animals.

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Escapades of a lucky little girl who lives with a horse and a monkey--but without any parents--at the edge of a Swedish village. Pippi's kind heart makes her a dear friend to her neighbors Tommy and Annika.

The secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Ten-year-old Mary comes to live in a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors and discovers an invalid cousin and the mysteries of a locked garden.  Mary's ill cousin befriends her and helps her learn to soften her heart.

A story about a special summer in the lives of four lifelong friends who are separated for the first time. The young women find a pair of jeans that fits each of them perfectly and they decide to use the pants as a way of keeping in touch.

This deluxe volume brings all of the Pooh stories together in one full-color, large-format book with complete and unabridged text and illustrations.  Winnie the Pooh is all about the friendships between Christopher Robin and his forest of stuffed animal friends.

The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame

The escapades of four animal friends who live along a river in the English coutryside - Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger..