Experiences To Go: 62 Days of Summer

The Canton Public Library wants to help you make summer the best part of your year. Our Experience to Go Kits for 62 Days of Summer are designed to give you entertaining and informational experiences to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest. We've created a variety of kits to for you to have fun and make memories all summer long.

From June 1st until the end of August, we will have the following kits:

  • Explore Outdoors: Capture summer with a telescope cell phone lens, butterfly net, Nature Connection workbook, and a journal to share your observations.
  • Night Sky: Learn about constellations, planets and more with this fun kit which includes Celestron binoculars, a pocket sized night sky star finder and star field guide.
  • Road Trip: Wipe-clean activity books, travel bingo, board games, and more will make the miles fly by and help everyone enjoy those long summer car trips.
  • Screen-Free Summer: We’ve included a book of activities and games from the pre-screen era, a deck of cards, dice, a notebook, and a bag full of things to do to--screen-free!
  • Summer STEM: Seven days of fun science activities.