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Movies for Earth Day

Earth Day: Earth DayAlthough Earth Day is officially celebrated once a year on April 22, the Library has a great collection of environmentally-themed documentaries that are available all year round. From wildlife to climate change, from recycling to alternate energy, we have it covered! Check out just some of the titles below:

Beyond pollution [videodisc] by directed by Barker White — Examines the economic impact and health effects that the disastrous BP oil spill will have on local communities both immediately and long term.

Climate of doubt [videodisc]: the politics of global warming by written by John Hockenberry, Catherine Upin ; directed by Catherine Upin — An examination of the shift in political attitudes towards global warming in the United States.

Collapse [videodisc] — The economic predictions of investigative journalist Michael Ruppert regarding the possible global financial meltdown and major social change that could result if oil dependence continues unabated.

Critter quest! [videodisc] by a Tiger/Tigress production ; for Smithsonian Networks ; created by Peter Schriemer ; produced by Krys Kornmeier — Explores a variety of bugs and other invertebrates living just outside the doorstep.

Dirt! [videodisc]: the movie — Through live action and animation, this film examines the history and current state of the living organic matter that feeds and shelters humanity, and helps regulate the Earth's climate.

Dirty energy [videodisc]: the Deepwater Horizon disaster: first-hand stories from the Louisiana bayou by produced by Bryan D. Hopkins, Edward Stencel ; written and directed by Bryan D. Hopkins — Investigates the ongoing impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster interviewing Louisiana residents and business owners as their lives reveal long-term economic and health crises.

Earth days [videodisc] by [presented by] American Experience ; WGBH Boston — Director Robert Stone traces the origins of the modern environmental movement through the eyes of nine Americans who propelled the movement from its beginnings in the 1950s to its moment of triumph in 1970 with the original Earth Day.

Farmageddon [videodisc]: the unseen war on American family farms by Kristin Marie Productions presents ; produced and directed by Kristin Canty — Tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies.

Forks over knives [videodisc] — Examines the possibility of eliminating diseases like heart disease and diabetes through a plant-based diet.

Inside the megastorm [videodisc] by produced by Dragonfly Film and Television Productions Ltd — Takes viewers moment by moment through Hurricane Sandy, its impacts, and the future of storm protection.

The island president [videodisc] by produced by Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen ; directed by Jon Shenk — The story of President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives' campaign to stop global warming before a three feet rise in sea level submerges his country.

Last call at the oasis [videodisc] by produced by Elise Pearlstein, Jessica Yu ; written and directed by Jessica Yu — Explores water quality and shortages around the world and how activists are seeking solutions to the growing problems that humans face with water.

Magic of the snowy owl [videodisc] by a Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH & Nature Conservation Channel Ltd. production in co-production with Thirteen ; written and directed by Matt Hamilton and Fergus Beeley — The story of the daily struggles of a family of helpless owlets on the North slope of Alaska.

One lucky elephant [videodisc] by Sandbar Pictures ; and Crossover Productions ; written by Cristina Colissimo, Lisa Leeman ; produced by Christina Colissimo, Jordana Glick-Franzheim ; directed by Lisa Leeman — The story of the nine year odyssey to find a home for Flora, an orphaned African elephant.

An original duckumentary [videodisc] by produced by Ann Johnson Prum ; written by Janet Hess — A fascinating look at duck behavior.

Plastic planet [videodisc] — Viewers are taken on a journey around the globe, from the Moroccan Sahara to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, from a factory in China to the Alps to reveal the far-flung reaches of the plastic problem.

Undersea edens [videodisc] by director, David Hannan — A journey to New Guinea, Australia, South Georgia Island, and beyond to explore the breathtaking but fragile underwater empires of the southern oceans.

Waste land [videodisc] by Arthouse Films, Curiously Bright Entertainment and Almega Projects present — An emotional journey to the world's largest landfill of the day, Jardim Gramacho, where the garbage pickers, who number in the thousands, work under the hot sun collecting recyclable materials such as bottles, plastic, and metal to be sold to wholesalers.