Renewal Options

Automatic Renewal

Items with a standard loan period will automatically renew. Two days before the due date, your courtesy notice email will alert you if an item has been renewed, and will include the new due date. Note that if another patron is waiting for an item or if the item has already been renewed the maximum number of times, it will not be automatically renewed.


Items loaned from Canton Public Library may be eligible for up to 4 auto-renewals. Items loaned through MeLCat may be eligible for 1 auto-renewal.

Online Renewal

Log in to your Patron Record to view the list of items that you have checked out. You can either put a check mark in each of the boxes for items you wish to renew, then click on "Renew Selected Items," or you can simply click on the box, "Renew All." Online renewal is available at any time.

Text Message Renewal

If you've signed up for the library's Shoutbomb text messaging service, you can renew all of your items by sending the keyword "RA" to 734-619-6615 (the number that sends your notices). Alternately, you can text keyword "MYBOOKS" to check on the status of all your checked out items.

Staff Renewal

The staff of the Canton Public Library can help, either by phone at 734-397-0999 [option #3], or in person at the Checkout Desk if you're visiting the library. Please have your library card ready. In both cases, these renewals must be done when the library is open (Regular business hours and holiday closings).