Borrowing Schedule

Item Type Item Limit Loan Period Fine/Day Holds Renew
Book Discussion Kits - 60 days $0.20 yes yes
Books, Large Print, Audiobooks, CDs, Nonfiction DVDs - 21 days $0.20 yes yes
Storytime Kits - 21 days $0.20 yes yes
Puppets - 21 days $0.20 yes yes
DVDs - 7 days $0.20 yes yes
eMedia: eBooks, eComics, eAudiobooks * (varies) 21 days - yes yes
eMedia: Streaming Video * (varies) 3 days - - yes
Lucky Day Books/CDs 2 7 days $0.20 no no
Lucky Day DVDs 2 3 Days $0.20 no no
Low Vision Aids 1 21 days $0.20 yes yes
Magazines (Back Issues) - 7 days $0.20 yes yes
Comics - 7 days $0.20 yes yes
Video Games 5 7 days $0.20 yes yes

* CPL Cardholders only

Email Notices

If you have an email address in your Patron Record, we'll send you:

  • A courtesy notice 2 days before the item's due
  • An overdue notice at 4 and 10 days after the due date
  • A billing notice for materials not returned after 21 days

Text Message Alerts

Stay up-to-date on your account with the library's Shoutbomb text messaging service. You can:

  • Get alerts about holds, items due soon, and overdue items
  • Renew eligible items via text message
  • Continue to receive your standard email or telephone notice as usual

Sign up for Shoutbomb by texting the word signup to 734-619-6615 or filling out this form. Canton Public Library does not charge for this service, but your mobile plan's regular text messaging rates apply.

Renewing Materials

Renewable CPL materials may be renewed four times after the original checkout unless they are on hold for another patron.

As of May 1, 2019, items with a standard loan period will automatically renew. Your items will renew two days before their original due date, granting you another loan period (3 weeks or 1 week, generally) from your original due date. So, you will not lose any days with your items as a part of this automatic process. Your courtesy notice email will alert you if an item has been automatically renewed, and will include the new due date. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials are subject to the lending library’s ILL renewal policies, which typically allow only one renewal.


Materials will be kept on the hold shelf a maximum of five days after notification of availability is sent to requestors. Patrons with Canton Public Library card or a Plymouth District Library Card can place holds.


There's no charge to borrow media, except for overdue fines of course. The library is not responsible for damage to your equipment from the use of media. And because the library has no restrictions based on ratings of motion pictures, parents are urged to monitor their children's borrowing.

Other Libraries

Reciprocal Borrowing: Your Canton Public Library card works at many local libraries, and residents of other TLN communities may use their local library cards at Canton (some restrictions apply). Bring the library card issued to you at your home library along with valid photo ID to be entered into our system.