English Language Learner Programs FAQ



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The ELL Conversation Group, Reading Group and Advanced ELL Book Club meetings are for adult non-native English speakers who want to practice speaking in a fun, relaxed environment with a Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council (CLC) volunteer tutor.


​What can I expect to gain from the ELL programs?

The goals of the ELL program are to (1) gain fluency and confidence in English as a non-native speaker, (2) meet people and make friends, and (3) help other English Language learners gain confidence and skills.

Do I need to register for the ELL Conversation Group?

No registration is required. 

​When does the Conversation Group meet?

The Group currently meets on Zoom at 10am on Fridays. Please check the Program Calendar for more details.  For more meeting time options, please check the Plymouth Canton Community Literacy Conversation Group list.

​​Is this an English Class?

The ELL Conversation Group is not formal grammar instruction. For basic English instruction please use the Canton Public Library's "Languages" databases, especially BasicESL (no card required), Pronunciator and Mango (both require a Canton Library card). Also please see a Librarian at the Information desk for books and audio English instruction resources.

​Can I get a tutor to work with me one-on-one?

Please refer to the Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council Student Guidelines to see if you qualify.

How can I get a Canton Library card?

Please refer to the "Borrowing" menu item for specific requirements or see someone at the Check Out desk for more library card information.

​Can I bring my children to the Conversation Group meeting? ​

Preschool age children are welcome at the Conversation Group IF the parent can participate in the discussion. The program is for adults 18 and older.   Parents of school age children are encouraged to contact Plymouth-Canton Community Schools or their local school district for ESL support during and between school years.   Please refer to the Canton Public Library Patron Code of Conduct for specific information on supervising children.

​Can any native-English speaker come to the ELL programs?

Only CLC trained (or approved) tutors may act as ELL Conversation Group facilitators. For the next training session, please refer to the CLC web page.

Why is it called ELL and not ESL?

The program is "ELL" because many non-native English speakers have fluency in multiple languages. English could be their second, third or more language learned.

​What is the ELL Reading Group?

The ELL Reading Group reads aloud together in English to improve vocabulary and comprehension skills. Reading materials are usually short pieces that can be finished and discussed in one meeting. The Reading Group meets every week. Check the Program Calendar for time and room location.

What is the Advanced ELL Book Club?

The ELL Book Club is for non-native speakers who read independently, then meet and discuss in English. Books are read in portions and discussed over a series of several meetings, with time for questions about vocabulary, culture, etc. The group decides how much to read each meeting. The Advanced ELL Book Club meets every-other Friday. Please check the Program Calendar for time and room location.

​How do I choose which to go to, the Reading Group or the Book Club?

Any non-native speaker who would like to build their English reading skills is welcome at the Reading Group. Any English-learner who reads independently and fairly fluently is welcome to join the Book Club. If the Reading Group is too basic, please try the Book Club. If the Book Club discussion is too fast, try the Reading Group. You can decide what best suits your skills and goals.

Other questions?

Please call 734-397-0999 or see a Librarian at the Information desk with any additional questions.