It's all in Your Hands

A special message from the Destination Imagination team from Central, Discovery, and East Middle Schools.Canton Public Library is an important place to many residents in our community. It is essential for many students, those with a need to access the internet or to do homework. It is also a place for children and parents to read books. The library is an area where there’s something to do for every single member of the family. However, in the past few years, the library has experienced budget cuts. In order for this fundamental/essential service to be available to us every single day of the week, we want to raise money. In the last year, the library has lost 40,000 dollars towards their budget. That makes a huge impact to the services we get from the library.—The Destination Imagination Team Operating Fund Donating to the operating fund is an excellent choice, as it helps with current expenses. Endowment Donating to the Endowment Fund is a gift for future generations. Learn more about donating to Canton Public Library. Be sure to mention Destination Imagination in the memo line if contributing by check.