Thorndyke Thoughts: #bookface

Thorndyke Bookface with Rapunzel


Hey Kids,

Books are amazing things. I love the stories and the illustrations and the feel of the pages and the sound of a good narrator. But have you ever tried to make yourself a part of a book? The #bookface trend gives you a chance to do just that. 

The goal: to make it look like you and the book are one. Choose a book with a cover or illustration that features a body part. Then, line up your body part with the book body and have someone snap a photo. If the image matches you in size, hold the book close to you; if the image is smaller than you, hold it farther away. To make it more realistic, you could even add costumes.

I took a #bookface photo with a great Rapunzel cover (pictured). But there are many book covers and illustrations that would make a great #bookface. I've listed a few below, but want to see other ones that you come up with!

Bear Hugs, 


Chicken wants a nap by Tracy Marchini
Camp Tiger by John (ILT) Susan/ Rocco Choi
Ms. Marvel. Vol. 1, No normal by 1982- G. Willow Wilson
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
The art of losing by Lizzy Mason
The good neighbor : the life and work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell (Maxwell Evarts Perkins) King