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Suggested Super-Hero Fiction by Grade Level


If you like your books with caped crusaders, wall-crawling heroes, and folks with superpowers, try some of these superhero stories.  Grade levels are suggested, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level. Under each grade is a link for even more titles.


Amidst their playtime pretending to be superheroes, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear get to be real life heroes when a young neighbor falls off his bike.

Bucky and Stu vs. the Mikanikal Man by Cornelius Van Wright

Self-proclaimed superheroes Bucky and Stu battle bad guys of their own invention.

I am Baymax by Billy Wrecks

Baymax explains who he is and how he and his friends fight the evil Yokai in the city of San Fransokyo.

Princess Super Kitty by Antoinette Portis

Maggie, a little girl with a huge imagination, becomes a cat, a superhero, a princess, and more in the course of a day.

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First Grade

Creatures from Planet X! by Yale Stewart

Superman and the Green Lantern battle Siniestro when he threatens Metropolis with thousands of insects created with his yellow power ring.

Crime wave! by Billy Wrecks

Superman, Batman, and Aquaman face a new challenge when the world's largest pearl is stolen by the mysterious Black Manta, but before they go after Black Manta, the heroes will need to battle the villain's giant octopus.

Saving the day by Melissa Lagonegro
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When Princess Kara develops super powers, she takes on the name Super Sparkle and uses her powers to help people.

Super hero showdown! by Lucy Rosen

Luke Cage faces off against Juggernaut to see who is the stronger of the two.

The trouble with Thor by Lucy Rosen

After his storm destroys Dr. Strange's magic plants and his hammer breaks the Silver Surfer's wave pool, Thor begins to lose confidence in himself and, when General Ross assigns him to a special mission, questions whether he still has what it takes to be a hero.

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Second Grade

Green Lantern : an origin story by Matthew K Manning

Hal Jordan is a daring test pilot until one day a dying alien gives him a ring of power that changes him into a member of the Green Lanterns, defenders of the Galaxy.

The evil manta rays, Misty and Sneezers, are up to no good! They've created a giant whirlpool to destroy Atlantis. If the Aqua-Pets can't stop the deep-sea super-villians, their underwater city could be lost forever.

Super hero splash down by Jane B Mason

B'DG's relaxing day in the sun is anything but fun when the villain Dex-Starr shows up.

This is Falcon by Clarissa Wong

Learn about Sam Wilson, how he became known as Falcon, and how he contributes to the Avengers.

Born an Amazon princess on the island of Themyscira, Diana leaves the island to become Wonder Woman, defender of Earth.

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Third Grade

Let's get cracking! by Cyndi Marko

Gordon Blue and his brother Benny, unlikely superheroes, must save Fowladelphia from Granny Goosebumps, who has filled the city with cookies that cause an innocent chicken's feathers to fall off.

Mr. Cooper is super! by Dan Gutman

A.J. and the gang at Ella Mentry School are in for a super surprise when a new teacher, Mr. Cooper, takes over their third grade class.

The princess in black by Shannon Hale

Hiding her secret identity as a monster-fighting superhero, Princess Magnolia interrupts her fancy tea with the unsuspecting Duchess Wigtower to stop a big blue monster from endangering her kingdom's goats.

Discover the back story of Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) from her life as a teenager on Krypton and her arrival on Earth after years in suspended animation to her efforts to adjust to human society and her role as a superhero.

When a freak blizzard buries Starwood Park, Freddie works with Mr. Vaslov to clear the sidewalks using a new invention--Zapato Power snowshoes. But not even the snow can stop a thief from causing trouble in the neighborhood. Can Freddie solve the case?

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Fourth Grade

Forced to keep a journal for class, Michael G writes about his ambition to gain superpowers and how he dreams it would make him the most popular kid at school.

Nanny X by Madelyn Rosenberg

Ten-year-old Alison and eight-year-old Jake discover that their nanny is working undercover to catch criminals.

Pinkbeard's revenge by Greg Trine

Fourth-grade superhero Jo Schmo and her sidekick Raymond face Dr. Dastardly and Numbskull, who break out of jail and join forces with Pinkbeard's band of time-traveling pirates in an evil revenge plot.

The revenge of Clayface by Eric Stevens

At a military demonstration of a high tech weapon, the ParaBomb X, a mysterious general makes off with the weapon and reveals himself to be Batman's enemy, Clayface.

When fourth-grader Eugene, a small and nerdy, mild-mannered housefly, becomes the world's smallest superhero, he takes on Crazy Cockroach and his army of insect baddies.

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Fifth Grade

Attack of the alien horde by Robert Venditti

After starting at a new school, a nerdy seventh-grader becomes a reluctant superhero.

The Feros by Wesley King

James, Hayden, Lana, Sam and Emily use their new superpowers to try to save abducted members of the League of Heroes, and when Emily disappears, they must find their friend before it's too late in this sequel to Vindico.

My brother is a superhero by David Solomons

Luke is jealous when his undeserving older brother Zack is zapped by an alien and turned into a superhero, until a plot to destroy the Earth incapacitates Zack, and Luke, accompanied by Lara, the nosey girl next door, must come to the rescue.

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Sixth Grade

The accidental hero by Matt Myklusch

Twelve-year-old Jack, freed from a dismal orphanage, makes his way to the elusive and impossible Imagine Nation, where a mentor saves him from dissection and trains him to use his superpower, despite the virus he carries that makes him a threat.

The astounding broccoli boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Rory Rooney likes to be prepared for anything, but when he inexplicably turns green and finds himself in an experimental hospital ward with his nemesis, school bully Tommy-Lee "Grim" Komissky, everyone is baffled.  However, Rory believes he and Grim have become superheroes.

Public School Superhero by James Patterson

In Kenny Wright's active imagination he's a world famous superhero, but in the real world he's a sixth grade "Grandma's Boy" whose struggles to fit in at his Washington D.C. inner city school will put his grades and family loyalty to the test.

School for sidekicks by Kelly McCullough

Superhero geek Evan survives a supervillian's death ray, and is sent to the Academy for Metahuman Operatives. Unfortunately, instead of fighting bad guys, Evan finds himself blacklisted, and on the wrong side of the school's director. Can he convince his semi-retired has-been mentor to become a real hero once again?

Searching for super by Marion Jensen

In this sequel to Almost Super, super-powerless Rafter is unable to resist his dream of reclaiming his family's superhero glory when he is made a dubious secret offer to fight with real superpowers

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