Share a Story: Vegetable Storytime

Did you miss our Vegetable Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own veggie based storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Night of the Veggie Monster by George McClements

Vegetable soup:

(To the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell") 

First verse: 

The carrots go in the soup, the carrots go in the soup, 

We'll stir and stir and stir some more

When the carrots are in the soup. 

Repeat with other vegetables. Ask what vegetables the child would like to add to the soup or make suggestions of your own. 

Last Verse:

Now the soup is done, now the soup is done

We'll eat and eat and eat some more

Now that the soup is done. Yum!  

More Stories to Enjoy

Veggies with wedgies by Todd H Doodler
Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Vegetables in underwear by illustrator Jared Chapman