Have you made your way through Dragon Masters and Last Firehawk, and need more series to read? Into fantasy and adventure? Give these titles a try.

A young dragon named Ella convinces her twin brother Owen to join her on a bold quest to find a wizard that will help cure Owen of his flaming cold. Part of the Ella and Owen series.

Grilled cheese and dragons by Nancy E Krulik

Princess Serena, who wants to be a knight instead of a princess, must perform good deeds on a Quest of Kindness to prove to her father that she deserves to go to knight school. Part of the Princess Pulverizer series.

Although the new world of social distancing is putting a crimp in all of our travel plans, that's no reason we can't take a trip - a virtual trip that is! From museums to zoos, to country and city tours, the possibilities are endless. No need to leave your couch, just pick a destination and you're on your way! No passport required. A good place to start your vacation is from one of the following sites which list a variety of virtual tours from around the world.

  • Google Arts & Culture  Explore art and culture from around the globe with this comprehensive site, including over 200 museums from 80 countries.
  •  Find links to food, drink, travel and entertainment around the world including their list of the best virtual trips while social distancing
  • Pure Michigan  The new #Virtual Pure Michigan campaign brings Michigan travel experiences directly into people’s homes by way of virtual tours, live streams, web cams and other interactive technology such as puzzles, games, and fun fact sheets for the whole family
  • VisitDetroit  Links to Detroit attractions offering virtual tours and online learning.
  • Travel and Leisure  Tours of Tokyo, European castles, glaciers in Alaska, and Abbey Road studio in London are just some of the many virtual destinations you can find on this site
  • Discovery Education  Virtual field trips with hands-on learning activities

Can't make up your mind with all of the many choices available? No problem!  Browse through some of the categories listed here - and take a minute to view this inspiring video about the city of Detroit.

Animals & Nature

Cities & Countries

Detroit & Michigan

Kids & Family


National Parks


Print & emedia

The Library's collection also offers a variety of ways to experience a virtual vacation:




Kick back and soak up some travel tips as well as "visit" some fascinating destinations.


  • Amateur Traveler  This long-running podcast (over 600 episodes) talks about a different destination every week.
  • Globetrotter Lounge   Hosted by award-winning travel expert Jet Set Lisette who interviews inspiring women who have found creative ways to travel the world.
  • Switchback Kids   Elizabeth and Cole Donelson (aka the Switchback Kids) visited all of the 59 national parks, and share their experiences, including top lists, budgeting tips and more.
  • The Thoughtful Travel Podcast  Hosted by travel blogger Amanda Kendle, who interviews fellow travel addicts about their travel experiences, like getting lost, navigating different cultures, and meeting the locals. ​

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An Adventure Story Not to Be Missed

The false prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen is not for readers who like predictable stories with stereotypical characters. Action, a plot laced with surprising twists and turns, and magnificent, engaging characters await the reader who picks up this book that they will then not be able to put down. Civil war threatens Carthya after the entire royal family has been murdered. Connor, a nobleman, devises a cunning plan to gain power and save his country from ruin. Four orphans who resemble the king's youngest son, long thought to be dead, are stolen and forced to compete for the role of impersonating Jaron. One is murdered by Connor almost immediately to instill terror and unconditional obedience. But Sage, the narrator of this tale, is stubborn, rebellious, and impetuous. He continually challenges and infuriates Connor, while at the same time becoming the leading candidate in this deadly race. Sage is deceptive, ingenious and soon crafts a plan of his own. Be prepared to stay up well past your bedtime in order to find out what happens next in this superb blend of suspense, mystery, action,  and valor. Let us hope book two in this triology is not long in coming.

Life is an Adventure!

Agent Zigzag: a true story of Nazi espionage, love, and betrayal by Ben MacIntyre — A charming British thief and con man becomes a spy during World War II – and turns double agent

Beneath the sands of Egypt: adventures of an unconventional archaeologist by Donald P. Ryan — Archaeologist excavates Egypt’s Valley of the Kings

Blood and thunder: an epic of the American West by Hampton Sides — Kit Carson – trapper, soldier and scout in the 19th century Southwest – confronts  Manifest Destiny

Boone: a biography by Robert Morgan — Legendary frontiersman helps open the trans-Appalachian West, and along the way fights in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution

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