Share Your Summer

Rosie's Girl Texting on Dog Beach--Long Beach--United States Photo by kevin turcios on Unsplash


Sharing an experience creates a bond between two people. Sometimes we share a moment of time together. Other times we tell someone about something we went through alone. Reaching out to share time, resources, memories, or even ideas helps to build our relationships and our community.

Share Your Summer Activities

Document your summer experiences and share on your own social media. Make sure to use the hashtag #HowDoYou62 to include your posts in our 62 Days of Summer community. Tag us on Facebook and Twitter @CantonLibrary or on Instagram @CantonPublicLibrary so we can see what you've been up to. 

Share a Kindness

Make kindness part of your 62 Days experience. Check out our Practice Kindness square for ideas and inspiration, or explore the world of Fred Rogers, generally recognized as a master of kindness. 

Share a Storytime

Share a literature moment by attending one of our outdoor storytimes.

Create your own storytime using our suggested rhymes and themes

Share a Secret

The world of PostSecret by Frank Warren

Postsecret is a community for sharing secrets, getting things off your chest, shouting into the universe, and knowing you are not alone. Check out for instructions on how to send your own secret, and to read others'.

Check the catalog for more Postsecret books.

Share Your Story

Famous family trees by Kari Hauge

Some family trees are famous, but all family trees are interesting. Research your own Family Tree as a way of telling your personal story. 

If you literally want to write your own unique story: adults can join our Adult Writer's Group.

For a visual approach to your story, explore the scrapbook tutorials on CreativeBug, a fun and inspirational resource accessible to CPL cardholders.

Share a Book

Join one of our book discussions this summer and share the experience of literature. We have a variety of adult book discussions and ages 10-13 can register for TINA.

If you're not feeling social, simply share a book recommendation.

Share Your Time

Volunteering and activism require time, a resource that can be in short supply and which can be far more valuable than other resources.

Explore our Get Involved square to find out how you can share your time around the community.

Share a Recipe

Cooking is a lovely way to share a moment with someone. You could take a favorite dish to a favorite person, or make a family recipe together over Zoom with a faraway loved one. 

Check out our cookbook collection for more ideas.


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