62 Days: Gardening

One of my goals for summer is to grow a garden with a variety of herbs and vegetables. Gardening is a great family activity that teaches children plant lifecycles and where food comes from. Here are some gardening resources for children to get your family started. 

Presents twelve gardening projects using leftover scraps from cooking, including growing celery from stubs, growing a bulb of garlic from a single clove, and growing a ginger plant from a root.

In my garden by Ruth Musgrave

Introduces gardens and gardening, including how a seed grows into a plant, how fruits and vegetables form, and what animals and insects also live in a garden.

Provides readers with project ideas for indoor and outdoor gardens, edible gardens, fairy gardens, and more.

Provides step-by-step instructions for beginning gardeners on planting sunflowers, beans, geraniums, tomatoes, and other plants.

Presents step-by-step, illustrated instructions for a variety of seasonal gardening projects for children, including how to create a hanging garden, strawberry basket, and compost bin.

Explains how plants grow, looks at the processes of planting and growing different fruits and vegetables, and features instructions for harvesting small crops, and using produce in recipes.